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Generate static Go documentation


Rocket 9 Labs Documentation


Install godoc-static:

go install

Also install godoc:

go install


To generate documentation for specific packages, execute godoc-static supplying at least one package import path and/or absolute path:

godoc-static -destination=/home/user/sites/docs fmt net/http ~/awesomeproject

When an import path is supplied, the package is sourced from $GOPATH or $GOROOT.

When no packages are supplied, documentation is generated for packages listed by go list ....

Packages are not downloaded/updated automatically.

Usage examples

Generate documentation for archive, net/http and ~/go/src/

godoc-static \
    -site-name="Rocket 9 Labs Documentation" \
    -site-description-file=/home/user/sitefiles/ \
    -destination=/home/user/sites/docs \
    archive net/http



Path to write site to.


Space-separated list of packages to exclude from the index.

Link to index.html instead of folder.


Address for godoc to listen on while scraping pages.


Site description (markdown-enabled).


Path to markdown file containing site description.

Site footer (markdown-enabled).

Path to markdown file containing site footer.


Site name.


Disable all logging except errors.


Enable verbose logging.


Site ZIP file name.


Please share issues and suggestions here.