Fill empty space in Flex with invisible Box

Resolves #64.
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Trevor Slocum 2021-07-04 01:30:23 -07:00
parent f4658c6cc6
commit c25dbea325
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@ -97,15 +97,14 @@ func (f *Flex) SetFullScreen(fullScreen bool) {
// primitive receives focus. If multiple items have the "focus" flag set to
// true, the first one will receive focus.
// You can provide a nil value for the primitive. This will fill the empty
// screen space with the default background color. To show content behind the
// space, add a Box with a transparent background instead.
// A nil value for the primitive represents empty space.
func (f *Flex) AddItem(item Primitive, fixedSize, proportion int, focus bool) {
defer f.Unlock()
if item == nil {
item = NewBox()
f.items = append(f.items, &flexItem{Item: item, FixedSize: fixedSize, Proportion: proportion, Focus: focus})