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Trevor Slocum ed5e6d94dd Remove return values from methods which return their primitive (breaks chaining) 2020-10-07 16:35:21 -07:00
Trevor Slocum 2763609e05 Store InputField text data as []byte instead of string 2020-10-07 08:40:36 -07:00
Trevor Slocum d5edb975b6 Store ListItem text as []byte instead of string 2020-10-06 18:19:40 -07:00
Trevor Slocum 96b2dd5523 Add Table test and benchmark, store TableCell as []byte instead of string 2020-10-06 18:02:37 -07:00
Trevor Slocum 4cbfd55a8e Document TextView optimizations 2020-10-06 13:55:51 -07:00
Trevor Slocum 741bac61c6 Update .gitignore 2020-10-06 13:26:47 -07:00
Trevor Slocum 534661590c Merge branch 'print' into 'master'
Print text using []byte instead of string, calculate string width using runewidth instead of uniseg

See merge request tslocum/cview!8
2020-10-06 20:20:13 +00:00
Trevor Slocum 6b34a95e75 Print text using []byte instead of string, calculate string width using runewidth instead of uniseg 2020-10-06 13:16:37 -07:00
Trevor Slocum 50a085333b Use TrimRightFunc when wrapping text in TextView 2020-10-06 13:14:45 -07:00
Trevor Slocum 659788f590 Add TextView.SetBytes 2020-10-04 13:03:28 -07:00
Trevor Slocum da799d93c0 Document addition of TextView.GetBytes 2020-10-04 12:54:31 -07:00
Trevor Slocum b5fba43a01 Merge branch 'tvopt' into 'master'
Store TextView buffer as [][]byte instead of []string

Closes #36

See merge request tslocum/cview!7
2020-10-04 19:50:46 +00:00
Trevor Slocum 710303491e Store TextView buffer as [][]byte instead of []string
Partially implements #36.
2020-10-04 12:44:26 -07:00
Trevor Slocum 4de432d7aa Release v1.5.0 2020-10-03 21:04:46 -07:00
Trevor Slocum 5a3409bfd6 Release lock on InputField while executing DoneFunc and FinishedFunc 2020-10-02 17:00:57 -07:00
Trevor Slocum 3d1844e33b Panic when attempting to add an invalid FormItem 2020-10-02 16:31:31 -07:00
Trevor Slocum db81e43e00 Remove wrapper methods 2020-10-02 16:28:32 -07:00
Trevor Slocum e1cd3be7bb Lock Mutex when setting InputField attributes 2020-10-02 11:23:49 -07:00
Trevor Slocum f83115be61 Merge branch 'fix/inputfield-suggestion' into 'master'
fix(inputfield): Display suggestion correctly

Closes #37

See merge request tslocum/cview!6
2020-10-01 19:51:55 +00:00
Trevor Slocum 34b52f731a Add TextView buffer indexing benchmark 2020-10-01 12:45:11 -07:00
Andreas Bieber 9acd4bf821 fix(inputfield): Display suggestion correctly 2020-10-01 19:58:30 +02:00
Trevor Slocum 018a7e47fe Allow autocomplete selection value customization 2020-09-30 12:14:51 -07:00
Trevor Slocum 0e419707b0 Add link to list of applications using cview 2020-09-29 13:34:38 -07:00
Trevor Slocum 357a49e9e7 Do not set focus-related style attributes by default 2020-09-29 13:24:12 -07:00
Trevor Slocum a709a929d9 Fix FormItem.SetAttributes race condition
Resolves #35.
2020-09-28 22:34:38 -07:00
Trevor Slocum d53f87d967 Update List scroll bar cursor when view offset changes (rather than selected item) 2020-09-24 20:51:51 -07:00
Trevor Slocum 0c4f526680 Add WindowManager requirement to Window docs 2020-09-24 08:35:12 -07:00
Trevor Slocum e20e58147f Add Window and WindowManager 2020-09-24 08:09:55 -07:00
Trevor Slocum 97f450fc34 Set DropDown options list width to at least as wide as the originating field 2020-09-23 16:22:12 -07:00
Trevor Slocum 89fa23ab00 Resolve lint warnings 2020-09-23 16:14:53 -07:00
Trevor Slocum 5505bb7a58 Document changes submitted by Andreas Bieber 2020-09-23 15:44:28 -07:00
Trevor Slocum 1cfb3711cf Merge branch 'feat/alot-of-features' into 'master'
Revamp FormItem styling, add arrow symbol to DropDown, add focus-driven style
options, add InputField autocomplete style options, provide DropDownOption in
DropDown handlers and provide ListItem in List handlers.

See merge request tslocum/cview!5
2020-09-23 22:24:27 +00:00
Andreas Bieber 474a8c1a27 chore: Add makefile and use in `gitlab-ci.yml`
Gives an easy possibility to execute the same commands as in the pipeline.
2020-09-23 20:54:48 +02:00
Andreas Bieber 70857602a5 feat(FormItem): Replace `SetFormAttributes` with `SetAttributes`
`SetFormAttributes` has been removed. To migrate your project, use `SetAttributes` which expects any combination of attribute setters.
`formItem.SetAttributes(cview.WithLabelWidth(10), cview.WithLabelColor(tcell.ColorYellow))`
2020-09-23 20:54:48 +02:00
Andreas Bieber 1d019e9697 fix(treeview): Use `scrollBarColor` 2020-09-23 20:54:48 +02:00
Andreas Bieber 9142563f22 feat(inputfield): Add ability to show a note below the inputfield 2020-09-23 20:54:48 +02:00
Andreas Bieber 128c6692d4 fix(form/Draw): Use button colors for focused state 2020-09-23 20:54:48 +02:00
Andreas Bieber 367d377081 fix(form/GetFormItem): Check whether index is out of bounds, if so, return nil 2020-09-23 20:54:48 +02:00
Andreas Bieber 8bd1023ddc feat(dropdown): Add additional field for setting an optional reference (like in TreeView) 2020-09-23 20:54:48 +02:00
Andreas Bieber 6e9f09aec1 feat(dropdown): Draw rune at the end of the field to indicate that this field is a dropdown 2020-09-23 20:54:43 +02:00
Andreas Bieber 6fa4370332 fix(dropdown): Use `getFieldWidth` during draw 2020-09-23 20:51:46 +02:00
Andreas Bieber dedc2da113 feat(dropdown): Abbreviate text of current option when not fitting into field 2020-09-23 20:51:43 +02:00
Andreas Bieber 4ab3586259 feat(dropdown): Introduce `SetChangedFunc` 2020-09-23 20:46:36 +02:00
Andreas Bieber 40efd84aad feat(dropdown): Trigger `selected` when drop down list selection is cancelled 2020-09-23 20:46:36 +02:00
Andreas Bieber e716d0acb9 fix(dropdown): Select previous option in dropdown list when cancelling selection 2020-09-23 20:46:36 +02:00
Andreas Bieber f71273b9c8 feat(dropdown): Expose `DropDownOption`
- The signature of `GetCurrentOption` has been changed to return the index and the newly exposed `DropDownOption`
- `AddOption` has been renamed to `AddOptions` and accepts now multiple `DropDownOption`s. A convenience func called `AddOptionsSimple` has been added to simply add options by only providing its text.
- The signature of `SetOptions` has been changed to accept the global `selected` handler with the newly exposed `DropDownOption` and multiple `DropDownOption`s to set. A convenience func, namely `SetOptionsSimple`, has been added to simply add options by only providing its text.
- The signature of `SetSelectedFunc` has been changed to accept a handler expecting an index and the newly exposed `DropDownOption`

- The signature of `AddDropDown` has been changed to accept an array of the newly exposed `DropDownOption`. A convenience func, namely `AddDropDownSimple`, has been added to simply add a DropDown by only providing the option's text.
2020-09-23 20:46:36 +02:00
Andreas Bieber 75b6d31409 feat(inputfield/autocompletion): Draw selected autocomplete suggestion in `inputfield` without changing it till confirmed with `ENTER` 2020-09-23 20:46:36 +02:00
Andreas Bieber bace1ac630 feat(List): Add additional field for setting an optional reference (like in TreeView) 2020-09-23 20:46:36 +02:00
Andreas Bieber d315a5c5b3 feat(List): Expose `ListItem`
- The signature of `SetChangedFunc` and `SetSelectedFunc` has changed to pass the newly exposed `ListItem` instead of its properties
- The signature of `AddItem` and `InsertItem` has changed to expect a `ListItem` instead of the properties them self
2020-09-23 20:46:36 +02:00
Andreas Bieber 22895b10bc feat(inputfield): Expose setters for autocomplete list colors 2020-09-23 20:46:36 +02:00