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# Example config.yaml

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This page is also available at [gemini://](gemini://
The following proposals add fields to the response header of successful
Standard successful response header (for comparison):
20 text/gemini; charset=utf-8
These additions are backwards-compatible as specified in [RFC 2045](
> MIME implementations must ignore any parameters whose names they do not recognize.
The terms MAY, SHOULD and SHOULD NOT are defined in [RFC 2119](
# Size
Gemini servers SHOULD include the size (in bytes) of the response body when the
request is successful. Clients SHOULD utilize this information when downloading
files to indicate progress.
20 text/gemini; charset=utf-8; size=1108
# Cache
Gemini servers MAY include a duration (in seconds) which a client SHOULD cache
a resource when the request is successful. When a cache duration of 0 or
less is provided, clients SHOULD NOT cache the resource.
Cache for one week:
20 text/gemini; charset=utf-8; cache=604800
Do not cache:
20 text/gemini; charset=utf-8; cache=0

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@ -19,6 +19,10 @@ This page is also available at [gemini://](gemini://twins.
- Serve system command output
- Reload configuration on `SIGHUP`
## Proposals
twins includes features that are not yet part of the Gemini specification. See [](
## Download