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The following proposals add fields to the response header of successful requests.

Standard successful response header (for comparison):

20 text/gemini; charset=utf-8

These additions are backwards-compatible as specified in RFC 2045:

MIME implementations must ignore any parameters whose names they do not recognize.

The terms MAY, SHOULD and SHOULD NOT are defined in RFC 2119.


Gemini servers MAY include a duration (in seconds) which a client SHOULD cache a resource when the request is successful. When a cache duration of 0 or less is provided, clients SHOULD NOT cache the resource.

Cache for one week:

20 text/gemini; charset=utf-8; cache=604800

Do not cache:

20 text/gemini; charset=utf-8; cache=0


Gemini servers SHOULD include the size (in bytes) of the response body when the request is successful. Clients SHOULD utilize this information when downloading files to indicate progress.

20 text/gemini; charset=utf-8; size=1108