Terminal-based client for bgammon.org
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bgammon-cli - Terminal-based client for bgammon.org

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ssh bgammon.org -p 5000


To install bgammon-cli to ~/go/bin/bgammon-cli, execute the following command:

go install code.rocket9labs.com/tslocum/bgammon-cli@latest


When starting bgammon-cli, provide your username and password:

bgammon-cli --username MyAccount --password MySecretPassword

PROTIP: bgammon.org supports using all available dice rolls to move a checker with a single stroke. For instance, when you roll double 2s, you may move a checker eight spaces by dragging it directly from space 2 to space 10.


  • R Roll
  • K Ok (confirm moves, end turn)
  • Backspace Undo move
  • Enter Select, toggle input field focus


Please share issues and suggestions here.

For information on how to play backgammon visit https://bkgm.com/rules.html