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package tview
// Borders defines various borders used when primitives are drawn.
// These may be changed to accommodate a different look and feel.
var Borders = struct {
Horizontal rune
Vertical rune
TopLeft rune
TopRight rune
BottomLeft rune
BottomRight rune
LeftT rune
RightT rune
TopT rune
BottomT rune
Cross rune
HorizontalFocus rune
VerticalFocus rune
TopLeftFocus rune
TopRightFocus rune
BottomLeftFocus rune
BottomRightFocus rune
Horizontal: BoxDrawingsLightHorizontal,
Vertical: BoxDrawingsLightVertical,
TopLeft: BoxDrawingsLightDownAndRight,
TopRight: BoxDrawingsLightDownAndLeft,
BottomLeft: BoxDrawingsLightUpAndRight,
BottomRight: BoxDrawingsLightUpAndLeft,
LeftT: BoxDrawingsLightVerticalAndRight,
RightT: BoxDrawingsLightVerticalAndLeft,
TopT: BoxDrawingsLightDownAndHorizontal,
BottomT: BoxDrawingsLightUpAndHorizontal,
Cross: BoxDrawingsLightVerticalAndHorizontal,
HorizontalFocus: BoxDrawingsDoubleHorizontal,
VerticalFocus: BoxDrawingsDoubleVertical,
TopLeftFocus: BoxDrawingsDoubleDownAndRight,
TopRightFocus: BoxDrawingsDoubleDownAndLeft,
BottomLeftFocus: BoxDrawingsDoubleUpAndRight,
BottomRightFocus: BoxDrawingsDoubleUpAndLeft,