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- If you're adding code that increases the work required to maintain the project, you must be willing to take responsibility for that extra work. I will ask you to maintain your part of the code in the long run.
- Function/type/variable/constant names must be as descriptive as they are right now. Follow the conventions of the package.
- All functions/types/variables/constants, even private ones, must have comments in good English. These comments must be elaborate enough so that new users of the package understand them and can follow them. Provide examples if you have to. Start all sentences upper-case, as is common in English, and end them with a period.
- A new function should be located close to related functions in the file. For example, `GetColor()` should come after (or before) `SetColor()`.
- Your changes must not decrease the project's [Go Report]( rating.
- No breaking changes unless there is absolutely no other way.
- If an issue accompanies your pull request, reference it in the PR's comments, e.g. "Fixes #123", so it is closed automatically when the PR is closed.