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This document explains why tview was forked to create cview and tracks which tview pull requests have been merged into cview.

Why fork?

rivo, the creator and sole maintainer of tview, explains his reviewing and merging process in a a GitHub comment.

He states that he does not have the necessary time or interest to review, discuss and merge pull requests:

this project is quite low in priority. It doesn't generate any income for me and, unfortunately, reviewing issues and PRs is also not much "fun".

But some other people submitted large PRs which will cost me many hours to review. (I had to chuckle a bit when I saw this comment.)

Lastly, I'm the one who ends up maintaining this code. I have to be 100% behind it, understand it 100%, and be able to make changes to it later if necessary.

cview aims to solve these issues by increasing the number of project maintainers and allowing code changes which may be outside of tview's scope.

Merged pull requests

The following tview pull requests have been merged into cview: