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package cview
import ""
// EventKey is the key input event info.
// This exists for some consistency with EventMouse,
// even though it's just an alias to tcell.EventKey for backwards compatibility.
type EventKey = tcell.EventKey
// MouseAction are bit flags indicating what the mouse is logically doing.
type MouseAction int
// All MouseActions
const (
MouseDown MouseAction = 1 << iota
MouseClick // Button1 only.
MouseMove // The mouse position changed.
// EventMouse is the mouse event info.
type EventMouse struct {
target Primitive
app *Application
action MouseAction
// Target gets the target Primitive of the mouse event.
func (e *EventMouse) Target() Primitive {
// Application gets the event originating *Application.
func (e *EventMouse) Application() *Application {
// Action gets the mouse action of this event.
func (e *EventMouse) Action() MouseAction {
return e.action
// SetFocus will set focus to the primitive.
func (e *EventMouse) SetFocus(p Primitive) {
// NewEventMouse creates a new mouse event.
func NewEventMouse(base *tcell.EventMouse, target Primitive, app *Application, action MouseAction) *EventMouse {
return &EventMouse{base, target, app, action}