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Rich Interactive Widgets for Terminal UIs

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This Go package provides commonly needed components for terminal based user interfaces.


Among these components are:

  • Input forms (include input/password fields, drop-down selections, checkboxes, and buttons)
  • Navigable multi-color text views
  • Sophisticated navigable table views
  • Flexible tree views
  • Selectable lists
  • Grid, Flexbox and page layouts
  • Modal message windows
  • An application wrapper

They come with lots of customization options and can be easily extended to fit your needs.


go get

Hello World

This basic example creates a box titled "Hello, World!" and displays it in your terminal:

package main

import (

func main() {
	box := tview.NewBox().SetBorder(true).SetTitle("Hello, world!")
	if err := tview.NewApplication().SetRoot(box, true).Run(); err != nil {

Check out the GitHub Wiki for more examples along with screenshots. Or try the examples in the "demos" subdirectory.

For a presentation highlighting this package, compile and run the program found in the "demos/presentation" subdirectory.


Refer to for the package's documentation.


This package is based on (and its dependencies) as well as on

Your Feedback

Add your issue here on GitHub. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

Version History

(There are no corresponding tags in the project. I only keep such a history in this README.)

  • v0.19 (2018-10-28)
    • Added QueueUpdate() and QueueEvent() to Application to help with modifications to primitives from goroutines.
  • v0.18 (2018-10-18)
    • InputField elements can now be navigated freely.
  • v0.17 (2018-06-20)
    • Added TreeView.
  • v0.15 (2018-05-02)
    • Flex and Grid don't clear their background per default, thus allowing for custom modals. See the Wiki for an example.
  • v0.14 (2018-04-13)
    • Added an Escape() function which keep strings like color or region tags from being recognized as such.
    • Added ANSIWriter() and TranslateANSI() which convert ANSI escape sequences to tview color tags.
  • v0.13 (2018-04-01)
    • Added background colors and text attributes to color tags.
  • v0.12 (2018-03-13)
    • Added "suspended mode" to Application.
  • v0.11 (2018-03-02)
    • Added a RemoveItem() function to Grid and Flex.
  • v0.10 (2018-02-22)
    • Direct access to the screen object through callback in Box (i.e. for all primitives).
  • v0.9 (2018-02-20)
    • Introduced Grid layout.
    • Direct access to the screen object through callbacks in Application.
  • v0.8 (2018-01-17)
    • Color tags can now be used almost everywhere.
  • v0.7 (2018-01-16)
    • Forms can now also have a horizontal layout.
  • v0.6 (2018-01-14)
    • All primitives can now intercept all key events when they have focus.
    • Key events can also be intercepted globally (changed to a more general, consistent handling)
  • v0.5 (2018-01-13)
    • TextView now has word wrapping and text alignment
  • v0.4 (2018-01-12)
    • TextView now accepts color tags with any W3C color (including RGB hex values).
    • Support for wide unicode characters.
  • v0.3 (2018-01-11)
    • Added masking to InputField and password entry to Form.
  • v0.2 (2018-01-10)
    • Added Styles variable with default colors for primitives.
    • Completed some missing InputField functions.
  • v0.1 (2018-01-06)
    • First Release.