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package etk
import ""
// Shortcuts represents a keyboard shortcut configuration.
type Shortcuts struct {
ConfirmKeyboard []ebiten.Key
ConfirmMouse []ebiten.MouseButton
ConfirmGamepad []ebiten.GamepadButton
// A sentinel rune value may be set for the confirm and back actions.
// This allows working around on-screen keyboard issues on Android.
ConfirmRune rune
BackRune rune
// Bindings is the current keyboard shortcut configuration.
var Bindings = &Shortcuts{
ConfirmKeyboard: []ebiten.Key{ebiten.KeyEnter, ebiten.KeyKPEnter},
ConfirmMouse: []ebiten.MouseButton{ebiten.MouseButtonLeft, ebiten.MouseButtonRight},
ConfirmGamepad: []ebiten.GamepadButton{ebiten.GamepadButton0},