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2021-04-27 05:39:57 +00:00
{{template "header.tmpl" .}}
<p>These activity links should 404 because they are accessible as
ActivityStreams content but not as web page content. This is to
showcase this framework feature. It is not a limitation, as a
developer could instead decide to support rendering it as a webpage.
I just choose not to do so for activities in this demo app.
For example, to verify the data is available to federated peers, you
can run:
<pre>curl $ID -H "Accept: application/activity+json"</pre>
Which will fetch the content as ActivityStreams data.</p>
{{$root := .}}
{{if isString .Other.orderedItems}}
<td><a href="{{.Other.orderedItems}}">{{.Other.orderedItems}}</a></td>
{{range $i, $_ := seq (len .Other.orderedItems)}}
{{with (index $root.Other.orderedItems $i)}}
<td><a href="{{.}}">{{.}}</a></td>
{{if .Other.prev}}
<p><a href="{{.Other.prev}}">Prev</a></p>
{{if .Other.next}}
<p><a href="{{.Other.next}}">Next</a></p>
{{template "footer.tmpl" .}}