2021-07-08 23:57:40 -07:00

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- Add Black theme
- Fix importing/exporting sessions and playing custom sounds (thanks MovingEarth)
- Fix crash on Android 4.3+ devices (thanks MovingEarth)
- Add mindfulness bell
- Add audio output setting (alarm/media/ringtone/notification)
- Fix delayed completion sound on Android 10.0+
- Fix open/save file dialog
- Add resources menu linking to how to meditate, /r/meditation, an overview of MediNET and replaying the tutorial
- Add presets to tutorial
- Add session volume preview
- Add custom vibration patterns
- Add timer position setting
- Resolve possible crash when waking device
- Resolve duration not being preselected when editing
- Remove usage of Google Play Services (was previously used in releases on Google Play and Amazon)
- Resolve minor sound delay by preloading sounds
- Increase session message maximum length from 160 to 4096
- Added preset widgets
- Removed "Set to silent" notification control setting (use "Alarms only" instead)
- Resolve sound/vibration delays on some devices
- Sessions may now be imported from previous exports (CSV files)
- Advertisements have been removed
- Fixed add session dialog sometimes overwriting existing session when adding a new session
- Fixed skipping session delay causing start sound to be played twice
- Recorded sessions may now be edited
- A prompt is now shown when calculated streak does not match current streak
- Calculation of meditation streak window has been improved (streak buffer was not being applied consistently)
- Long press shortcuts have been added to calendar buttons moving one year backward/forward
- Fixed tapping home screen widget causing sign in to MediNET dialog to be shown
- Possibly fixed issues with sounds not reliably playing on Android 8.0+ (related to OS battery optimization)
- Removed daily reminder on Android 8.0+ (this behavior is no longer possible without the application constantly running)
- Fix interval sounds not reliably playing
- Fix timer not displaying when returning to the app while paused
- Add 'Widget color' preference
- Potentially fix sounds not reliably playing
- Add 'Streak resets at' preference
- Fix crash when upgrading full screen preference
- Fix setting device to vibrate/silent on Android 6.0+
- Split full screen preference into three options: disabled, during session and always
- Obey volume preference when playing sounds in the Settings screen
- Remove 'Turn screen off' option as it requires device administrator privileges
- Fix crash when starting session on Android 8.0+
- Fix custom sounds not playing
- Add Liberapay donation method
- Add session export feature to Progress window
- Fix app crash when signing in to MediNET
- Fix widget service crash
- Add feature to send debug log via email
- Potentially resolve a bug affecting some users where their browser is opened to sign in each time the app is opened
- Updated notification icon to match app icon
- Fixed data/battery drain introduced in 1.4.1 for some users
- Fixed null alarm receiver cancel bug
- Updated app icon (thanks Symbolisch)
- Changed MediNET Oauth method from Play Services to open-source library AppAuth
- Fix set to vibrate/silent feature on pre-Android 6.0 devices
- App now requires Android 4.1+ (was 4.0+)
- Fix alarm icon appearing in the status bar when Daily Reminder is enabled
- Increase fidelity of the default gong sound
- Fix inexact session duration due to battery saving measures introduced in Android 6.0
- Add "Priority only" and "Alarms only" to the "Ringtone and notifications" setting (Android 6.0+ only)
- Fix crash on Android 7.0
- Update libraries
- Fix incomplete MediNET upload bug
- Fix sessions displaying as the wrong date on the calendar
- Fix MediNET upload/import bug
- Streaks are now reset at 4:00AM, rather than midnight
- Remove 160 character limit from session message
- Request GET_CONTACTS permission on 6.0+ devices when signing in
- Use an internal file picker library, rather than relying on an external file browsing app
- Ask to rate app after the third recorded session, rather than the first
- Removed back/forward buttons from Community
- Fix crash on older devices
- Allow hiding of MediNET/Progress/Community buttons
- Allow session introduction text to be modified
- Add session volume setting
1.2.8/1.2.9: (F-Droid only)
- Hide analytics preference when applicable
- Add widgets to open source release
- Migrate deprecated HttpClient use to URLConnection
1.2.7: (First release on F-Droid)
- Fix crash on non-English devices
- Source code has been publicly released at
- Upgraded Google Play Services library to 8.1.0
- Now tracking which app market was used to install Meditation Assistant in sessions posted to MediNET
- Added ability to restore all session preferences via presets (see "Preset settings" in the Settings window)
- Added custom labels to presets
- Moved "Full screen" and "Screen" preferences to the "Meditation" section
- Fixed meditation streak not updating after inputting sessions manually
- Fixed daily reminder not displaying
- Potentially fixed session complete sound not playing
- Fixed interval sound/vibration failing in some configurations
- Changed delay and interval preference summaries to show H:MM:SS values (rather than MM:SS)
(interval issue was a regression caused by an improperly placed setIntervalAlarm call)
- Added "Longest session duration" and "Longest streak" to Progress window
- Added pause button to "session in progress" notification
- Renamed "Other session statistics" to "Sessions"
- Various optimizations have been implemented, which should be especially apparent on lower-end devices
- Renamed save button in add session dialog to add, ensured Message field in complete window and add session dialog don't take initial focus and show keyboard
- Improved SQLite DatabaseHandler, now using one instance and database reference across the entire application
- Changed delay preference to also allow up to 90 minutes
- Reordered "total time spent meditating" and "other session statistics"/"sessions"
- Max streak is now sent in x-Medinet-MaxStreak when connecting
- Fixed crash when signing in to MediNET
- Fixed delay/interval settings not maintaining their values
- Updated translations
- Added vibration to the interval timer when vibration is enabled
- Replaced delay/interval duration settings with minutes:seconds selectors
- Fixed editing duration being canceled when tapping the duration a second time
- Fixed sounds getting slightly cut-off when starting to play
- Fixed custom sounds not playing on newer devices (requires new "read external storage" permission)
- Fixed signing in via OpenID (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) on newer devices
- Renamed "Keep the timer running" setting to "Endless session" and moved it to settings window
- Added "Keep the timer running when finished" setting
- Added 20 minute interval setting
- Made session calendar boxes clickable
- Made calendar days with more than one session larger and bold
- Updated translations (partial Catalan support now included)
- Removed "Settings" menu entry from session complete window
- Added rating funcationality to BlackBerry release
- Added XXHDPI icons for large phones and tablets
- Added encouragement text setting for daily reminder
1.1.5: (First release on blackberry)
- Added session sound volume control during delay phase
- Fixed reminder alarm not getting reset when the app updates
- Updated translations
- Fixed cosmetic issue above the calendar display
- Changed wording for pause/resume button to make it more intuitive
- Added interval count setting (default to unlimited)
- Added app version number parameter to all MediNET tasks
- Added outdated warning (currently set for >= 1.0.0 and <= 1.1.0)
- Moved session behavior prefs to Behavior and reordered session prefs to make more sense
- Fixed notification not opening activity when tapped
- Added new "Buddhism" theme
- Fixed crash on some tablets (isValidFragment)
- Added vibrate/play sound options to the daily reminder
- Moved daily reminder to its own preference group
- Bug fixes (tutorial was not resetting if it crashed)
- Switched to Google Play Services version of Google Analytics (v3)
- Added tutorial for new users
- Updated screenshots (old ones didn't even show the presets)
- Updated 2.1+ version to use the new ads sdk
- Added video to Play store
- Added pause functionality
- Added upload all local sessions button
- Fixed incorrect message when deleting a session from medinet
- Other small bug bixes (sessions not showing up in progress window instantly, fixed padding for timer mode selectors)
- Added translation dialogue on 5th launch for non-en devices
- Updated translations
- Alternative time picker interface for duration
- Bug fixes (including a fix for devices not waking up to play interval sounds or ending the session later than expected)
- Daily reminder!
- New/updated translations
- Bug fixes
- Daily reminder
- Bug fixes (more settings crashes, setondismiss crash pre 17)
- Bug fixes (tablet settings crash, back doesn't cancel editing, always asks to rate app)
- Only supports Android 4.0+
- Added ad to top of main window
- Removed airplane mode
- Last release for Android 2.x/3.x
- Added ad to top of main window
0.3.7: (MediNET API 5)
- Added "End at" mode to timer: set a time to end the session, rather than a duration
- Added "Tiny" text size option
- Added "Statistics" page to "Progress" window
- Changed default "Screen" setting from "No special behavior" to "Dim"
- Changed color of delay display to gray
- Fixed "resource not found" issues
- Fixed SQLite (database) issues
- Improved widget update logic
- Removed "Remember duration" and "Default duration" - They have been superseded by the new presets
- Added capability to manually record a session from the Progress window
- Added "How to Meditate" and "Translate" buttons to the About window
- Fixed hissing/noise in a few default sounds
- Fixed numerous 2.x bugs
- Improved offline streak calculation
- Improved performance of the Progress window
- Translations: Polish (full), Hebrew (partial)
- Added "Ringtone and notifications" setting, which sets the device to vibrate or silent during meditation
- Added duration presets
- Added dim options to "Screen" setting
- Duration text size is now configurable.
- Sign in using a Google account on your device. This means you will no longer need to enter your username and password. Signing in via OpenID is still available.
- Meditation streak is no longer dependent on MediNET to be maintained. You can keep a streak entirely offline. Note that in case of data loss you will not be able to retrieve sessions that were not uploaded to MediNET.
- A forum is in the process of being added. Click "Forum" while browsing MediNET to follow its progress. It will be finished within the next few days.
- Fixed enter-key setting duration
- Fixed session share button
- Fixed light theme inconsistencies
- Potentially fixed a timer problem. Please report any unexpected behavior
- Added offline support. Select "Save" instead of "Post" to store sessions on your device
- Added calendar and session list to Progress window
- Changed automatic sign in to disabled by default
- Removed Sessions button from the main window