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PHP image board
Lightweight [image board](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imageboard) script. See [example installations](https://github.com/tslocum/TinyIB/wiki) for a demo.
Databases supported:
* SQLite
* Flat file (Database entries are stored in text files)
Example installations available [here](https://github.com/tslocum/TinyIB/wiki)
**Database not required.** Store posts as text files for a portable set-up capable of running on virtually any PHP host.
**Got database?** Use [MySQL](http://mysql.com) or [SQLite](http://sqlite.org) for an efficient set-up able to handle high amounts of traffic.
- Reference links >>###
- Delete post via password
- Management panel
- Administrators and moderators use separate passwords
- Moderators are only able to delete posts
- Ban offensive/abusive posters across all boards
- Post using raw HTML
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1. Read the [GitHub Guide on Forking](http://help.github.com/forking/)
1. Read the [GitHub Forking Guide](http://help.github.com/forking/)
2. Fork TinyIB
3. Commit code changes to your forked repository
4. Submit a pull request describing your modifications