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See README for instructions on configuring, moderating and upgrading your board.
Set TINYIB_DBMODE to a MySQL-related mode if it's available. By default it's set
to flatfile, which can be very slow.
Many settings require the imageboard to be rebuilt to take effect. To do this,
click Rebuild All in the management panel.
// Internationalization
define('TINYIB_LOCALE', ''); // See README for instructions ['' to run in English]
define('TINYIB_TIMEZONE', 'UTC'); // See https://secure.php.net/manual/en/timezones.php - e.g. America/Los_Angeles
define('TINYIB_DATEFMT', '%g/%m/%d(%a)%H:%M:%S'); // Date and time format (see php.net/strftime)
// Board description and behavior
// Warning: Enabling reCAPTCHA will cause all visitors to be tracked by Google. See https://nearcyan.com/you-probably-dont-need-recaptcha/
define('TINYIB_BOARD', 'b'); // Unique identifier for this board using only letters and numbers
define('TINYIB_BOARDDESC', 'TinyIB'); // Displayed below logo in page headers
define('TINYIB_BOARDTITLE', ''); // Title of board pages. When blank, defaults to TINYIB_BOARDDESC (when set) or "TinyIB"
define('TINYIB_ALWAYSNOKO', false); // Redirect to thread after posting
define('TINYIB_CAPTCHA', ''); // Reduce spam by requiring users to pass a CAPTCHA when posting a new thread: simple / hcaptcha / recaptcha ['' to disable]
define('TINYIB_REPLYCAPTCHA', ''); // Reduce spam by requiring users to pass a CAPTCHA when posting a reply: simple / hcaptcha / recaptcha ['' to disable]
define('TINYIB_REPORTCAPTCHA', ''); // Reduce invalid reports by requiring users to pass a CAPTCHA when reporting: simple / hcaptcha / recaptcha ['' to disable]
define('TINYIB_MANAGECAPTCHA', ''); // Improve security by requiring users to pass a CAPTCHA when logging in to the management panel: simple / hcaptcha / recaptcha ['' to disable]
define('TINYIB_REPORT', false); // Allow users to report posts
define('TINYIB_AUTOHIDE', 0); // Amount of reports which will cause a post to be hidden until it is approved [0 to disable]
define('TINYIB_REQMOD', ''); // Require moderation before displaying posts: files / all ['' to disable]
define('TINYIB_BANMESSAGE', true); // Allow staff to append a custom message to posts when banning users
define('TINYIB_UPDATEBUMPED', true); // Update thread position when a reply is deleted
define('TINYIB_SPOILERTEXT', false); // Allow users to hide text until it is hovered over using the tags <s>text here</s> or <spoiler>text here</spoiler>
define('TINYIB_SPOILERIMAGE', false); // Allow users to blur thumbnails via a "Spoiler" checkbox
define('TINYIB_AUTOREFRESH', 30); // Delay (in seconds) between attempts to refresh a thread automatically [0 to disable]
define('TINYIB_CLOUDFLARE', false); // Only enable when the site is served via Cloudflare to identify IP addresses correctly
define('TINYIB_DISALLOWTHREADS', ''); // When set, users attempting to post a new thread are shown this message instead ['' to disable]
define('TINYIB_DISALLOWREPLIES', ''); // When set, users attempting to post a reply are shown this message instead ['' to disable]
// Board appearance
define('TINYIB_INDEX', 'index.html'); // Index file
define('TINYIB_LOGO', ''); // Logo HTML
define('TINYIB_THREADSPERPAGE', 10); // Amount of threads shown per index page
define('TINYIB_PREVIEWREPLIES', 3); // Amount of replies previewed on index pages
define('TINYIB_TRUNCATE', 15); // Messages are truncated to this many lines on board index pages [0 to disable]
define('TINYIB_WORDBREAK', 80); // Words longer than this many characters will be broken apart [0 to disable]
define('TINYIB_EXPANDWIDTH', 85); // Expanded content size as a percentage of the screen's width
define('TINYIB_BACKLINKS', true); // Display reflinks to replies that reference a post
define('TINYIB_CATALOG', true); // Generate catalog page
define('TINYIB_JSON', true); // Generate JSON files
define('TINYIB_DEFAULTSTYLE', 'futaba'); // Default page style
$tinyib_hidefieldsop = array(); // Fields to hide when creating a new thread - e.g. array('name', 'email', 'subject', 'message', 'file', 'embed', 'password')
$tinyib_hidefields = array(); // Fields to hide when replying
$tinyib_anonymous = array('Anonymous'); // Default name (or names)
$tinyib_capcodes = array(array('Admin', 'red'), array('Mod', 'purple')); // Administrator and moderator capcode label and color
// Stylesheets (located in css)
// Format: File name excluding extension => Title
$tinyib_stylesheets = array(
'futaba' => 'Futaba',
'burichan' => 'Burichan'
// Post control
define('TINYIB_DELAY', 30); // Delay (in seconds) between posts from the same IP address to help control flooding [0 to disable]
define('TINYIB_MAXTHREADS', 100); // Oldest threads are discarded when the thread count passes this limit [0 to disable]
define('TINYIB_MAXREPLIES', 0); // Maximum replies before a thread stops bumping [0 to disable]
define('TINYIB_MAXNAME', 75); // Maximum name length [0 to disable]
define('TINYIB_MAXEMAIL', 320); // Maximum email length [0 to disable]
define('TINYIB_MAXSUBJECT', 75); // Maximum subject length [0 to disable]
define('TINYIB_MAXMESSAGE', 8000); // Maximum message length [0 to disable]
// Upload types
// Empty array to disable
// Format: MIME type => (extension, optional thumbnail)
$tinyib_uploads = array('image/jpeg' => array('jpg'),
'image/pjpeg' => array('jpg'),
'image/png' => array('png'),
'image/gif' => array('gif'));
// 'application/x-shockwave-flash' => array('swf', 'swf_thumbnail.png');
// 'audio/aac' => array('aac');
// 'audio/flac' => array('flac');
// 'audio/ogg' => array('ogg');
// 'audio/opus' => array('opus');
// 'audio/mp3' => array('mp3');
// 'audio/mpeg' => array('mp3');
// 'audio/mp4' => array('mp4');
// 'audio/wav' => array('wav');
// 'audio/webm' => array('webm');
// 'video/mp4' => array('mp4'); // Video uploads require ffmpeg (see README for instructions)
// 'video/webm' => array('webm');
// oEmbed APIs
// Empty array to disable
$tinyib_embeds = array('SoundCloud' => 'https://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=json&url=TINYIBEMBED',
'Vimeo' => 'https://vimeo.com/api/oembed.json?url=TINYIBEMBED',
'YouTube' => 'https://www.youtube.com/oembed?url=TINYIBEMBED&format=json');
// File control
define('TINYIB_MAXKB', 2048); // Maximum file size in kilobytes [0 to disable]
define('TINYIB_MAXKBDESC', '2 MB'); // Human-readable representation of the maximum file size
define('TINYIB_THUMBNAIL', 'gd'); // Thumbnail method to use: gd / ffmpeg / imagemagick (see README for instructions)
define('TINYIB_UPLOADVIAURL', false); // Allow files to be uploaded via URL
define('TINYIB_STRIPMETADATA', false);// Attempt to strip all metadata from uploaded files (requires ExifTool)
define('TINYIB_NOFILEOK', false); // Allow the creation of new threads without uploading a file
// Thumbnail size - new thread
define('TINYIB_MAXWOP', 250); // Width
define('TINYIB_MAXHOP', 250); // Height
// Thumbnail size - reply
define('TINYIB_MAXW', 250); // Width
define('TINYIB_MAXH', 250); // Height
// Tripcode seed - Must not change once set!
define('TINYIB_TRIPSEED', ''); // Enter some random text (used when generating secure tripcodes, hashing passwords and hashing IP addresses)
// CAPTCHA - hCaptcha / reCAPTCHA
// The following settings only apply when using hcaptcha
// For API keys visit https://dashboard.hcaptcha.com/signup
define('TINYIB_HCAPTCHA_SITE', ''); // Site key
define('TINYIB_HCAPTCHA_SECRET', ''); // Secret key
// The following settings only apply when using recaptcha
// For API keys visit https://www.google.com/recaptcha
define('TINYIB_RECAPTCHA_SITE', ''); // Site key
define('TINYIB_RECAPTCHA_SECRET', '');// Secret key
// Management panel
define('TINYIB_MANAGEKEY', ''); // When set, the [Manage] link is hidden and the management panel may only be accessed via imgboard.php?manage=TINYIB_MANAGEKEY ['' to disable]
// Administrator and moderator passwords
// When TINYIB_ADMINPASS is set, an administrator account is created with username "admin"
// When TINYIB_MODPASS is set, a moderator account is created with username "moderator"
// These settings are for installation and anti-lockout purposes only
// Once the account(s) are created, blank both of these settings
define('TINYIB_ADMINPASS', ''); // Administrator password
define('TINYIB_MODPASS', ''); // Moderator password ['' to disable]
// Database
// Recommended database modes from best to worst:
// pdo, mysqli, mysql, sqlite3, sqlite (deprecated), flatfile (only useful if you need portability or lack any kind of database)
define('TINYIB_DBMODE', 'flatfile'); // Mode
// Table names
// Use the same table name across boards for global accounts, bans, etc.
define('TINYIB_DBACCOUNTS', 'accounts'); // Staff accounts
define('TINYIB_DBBANS', 'bans'); // Bans
define('TINYIB_DBKEYWORDS', 'keywords'); // Keywords
define('TINYIB_DBLOGS', 'logs'); // Staff logs
define('TINYIB_DBPOSTS', TINYIB_BOARD . '_posts'); // Posts
define('TINYIB_DBREPORTS', TINYIB_BOARD . '_reports'); // Reports
// See README for migration instructions
define('TINYIB_DBMIGRATE', false); // Enable database migration tool
// Database configuration - MySQL / pgSQL
// The following only apply when TINYIB_DBMODE is set to mysql, mysqli or pdo with default (blank) TINYIB_DBDSN
define('TINYIB_DBHOST', 'localhost'); // Hostname
define('TINYIB_DBPORT', 3306); // Port (set to 0 if you are using a UNIX socket as the host)
define('TINYIB_DBUSERNAME', ''); // Username
define('TINYIB_DBPASSWORD', ''); // Password
define('TINYIB_DBNAME', ''); // Database
// Database configuration - SQLite / SQLite3
// The following only apply when TINYIB_DBMODE is set to sqlite or sqlite3
define('TINYIB_DBPATH', '.tinyib.db'); // SQLite DB path
// Database configuration - PDO
// The following only apply when TINYIB_DBMODE is set to pdo (see README for instructions)
define('TINYIB_DBDRIVER', 'mysql'); // PDO driver to use (mysql / pgsql / sqlite / etc.)
define('TINYIB_DBDSN', ''); // Enter a custom DSN to override all of the connection/driver settings above (see README for instructions)
// When changing this, you should still set TINYIB_DBDRIVER appropriately.
// If you're using PDO with a MySQL or pgSQL database, you should leave this blank.