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TinyIB - A Lightweight and Efficient Image Board Script

Got database? Get speed. Use MySQL or SQLite for an efficient set-up able to handle high amounts of traffic.

No database? No problem. Store posts as text files for a portable set-up capable of running on virtually any PHP host.

To allow new threads without requiring an image, see the Text Board Mode page.

For demos see the TinyIB Installations page. alpha


  • GIF, JPG, PNG and WebA/WebM upload.
  • Reference links >>###
  • Delete post via password.
  • Management panel:
    • Administrators and moderators use separate passwords.
      • Moderators are only able to delete posts.
    • Ban offensive/abusive posters across all boards.
    • Post using raw HTML.
    • Upgrade automatically when installed via git. (Tested on Linux only)


  1. Verify the following requirements are met:
  2. CD to the directory you wish to install TinyIB.
  3. Run the command:
    • git clone git:// ./
  4. Copy settings.default.php to settings.php
  5. Configure settings.php
    • To allow WebA/WebM upload:
      • Ensure your web host is running Linux.
      • Install mediainfo. On Ubuntu, run sudo apt-get install mediainfo.
      • Set TINYIB_WEBM to true.
      • To remove the play icon from thumbnails, delete or rename video_overlay.png.
  6. CHMOD write permissions to these directories:
    • ./ (the directory containing TinyIB)
    • ./src/
    • ./thumb/
    • ./res/
    • ./inc/flatfile/ (only if you use flat file for the database)
  7. Navigate your browser to imgboard.php and the following will take place:
    • The database structure will be created.
    • Directories will be verified to be writable.
    • The file index.html will be created containing the new image board.


  1. If you are not logged in already, log in to the management panel by clicking [Manage].
  2. On the board, tick the checkbox next to the offending post.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  4. Click Delete with the password field blank.
    • From this page you are able to delete the post and/or ban the author.


  1. Obtain the latest release.
    • If you installed via Git, run the following command in TinyIB's directory:
      • git pull
    • Otherwise, download and extract a zipped archive.
  2. Note which files were modified.
    • If settings.default.php was updated, migrate the changes to settings.php
      • Take care to not change the value of TINYIB_TRIPSEED, as it would result in different secure tripcodes.
    • If other files were updated, and you have made changes yourself:
      • Visit GitHub and review the changes made in the update.
      • Ensure the update does not interfere with your changes.




  1. Read the GitHub Forking Guide.
  2. Fork TinyIB.
  3. Commit code changes to your forked repository.
  4. Submit a pull request describing your modifications.